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Created on 2012-08-05 18:41:55 (#1698570), last updated 2012-10-18 (261 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jun 7
Location:United States of America
I am an unrepentant geek. That is all <3

Interests (123):

a song of ice and fire, a wrinkle in time, adventures of priscilla queen of the desert, afi, alternative music, apollo 13, asoiaf, avengers, baking, battlestar galactica (reboot), beethoven, biking, blue october, bon jovi, bones, brave new world, captain america, casablanca, chevelle, classical music, clint barton, clint barton/tony stark, clint/tony, cooking, costuming, cowboy bebop, dance dance dance, definitely maybe, depeche mode, die hard series, do androids dream of electronic sheep, embroidery, fanfiction, farenheit 451, fifth element, firefly, firefly/serenity, food, fran's beyond hot father, geekery, geeking out, globus, goo goo dolls, goodmorning vietnam, guardians of ga'hoole, hans zimmer, haruki murakami, hawkeye/iron man, helen mirren, how to train your dragon, immortal beloved, iron man, iron monkey, ivan wanting to kill presidents, j j abrams, jayne, jeremy renner's arms, joss whedon, kara/sam anders, kaylee, kirk/bones, kirk/mccoy, korn, le petite prince, leonard mccoy, lethal weapon series, live (the band), mahler, mal/simon, malcolm reynolds, marvin/pig, mirrormask, miss saigon, muse, music, musicals, my cat, notorious, opera, pan's labyrinth, pay it forward, philip k dick, pink floyd, pirate radio, poets of the fall, puzzling, reading, red, river, saiyuki, sam anders, scott/fran, serenity, sewing, shawshank redemption, simon tam, spock/mccoy, star trek (tos next gen reboot), starbuck/longshot, steve/tony, strictly ballroom, super 8, system of a down, the book of nothing, the fisher king, the foundation series by issac asimov, the moon is a harsh mistress, the sea is watching,, thor, tony stark, tony stark metal smithing, tunage, turandot, u2, usual suspects, victoria shooting a machine gun, victoria/ivan, wash, watching movies, writing, zoe washburn, zoe/wash
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